"They helped assemble a world class team so quickly, that we were able to get to market ahead of expectations."
Ian Smith - CEO -  GospelTech
"Bridge Noble truly understand what we actually need, securing hires that not only do the job but really belong to the team."
Jen Nucifora - CPO
"These guys are able to consult and advise way beyond recruitment; adding real value to the entire mission - they are genuine entrepreneurs."
Ben Davies - COO - GlintPay 
Defining Requirements 
This is the foundation to any hiring process. If misunderstood then precious time can be wasted. Instead of simply working to specs we endeavour to understand who you are and what you really need.
Campaign Creation 
Within this increasingly competitive market, keeping up with the latest techniques on how to attract the right kind of person to your business is challenging. We are constantly evolving our practices and apply advanced social sequencing methods in our approach.
Candidate Discovery
Discovering where the right people “hang-out” at any given moment and capturing attention requires strategic nurturing. We understand how, when and where to approach potential hires so we can grab the attention required to present your opportunity.
Eligibility Screening
There is no one-size-fits-all solution to screening as every person is a unique human being. Simply reading a CV or keyword matching is a primitive methodology. We have created a multi-step process to effectively identify cultural, human and technical characteristics.
Process Management
It’s important to ensure the experience your hires have at each stage of the process endears them to your company. We work closely with clients to effectively integrate them into the process to ensure a better relationship match. We want to form bonds that stand the test of time.
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